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Speech Synthesizers

Emerging Technology and Future Plans

Articulatory Synthesis
        This type of synthesis is based on computational models of the human vocal tract and the process of articulation.  Very few of these models are currently sufficiently advanced or efficient enough to be used in commercial speech synthesis systems.  Emerging synthesizers of this type are very natural and have voices that are available in male and female.  They have multiple languages and the pronunciation of words in each of those languages in constantly improving.

Some commercially available TTS Systems include:
  • Apple PlainTalk
  • Acapela Speech Technologies
  • Rhetorical rVoice
  • Loquendo TTS
  • ScanSoft RealSpeak
  • Sakrament Text-to-Speech Engine
  • Nuance Vocalizer
  • AT&T Natural Voices

** Some of these software tools are available for download over the Internet **

The screen of a text-to-speech system.

Screen Headers
     Screen Headers are an application of speech synthesizers.  They allow people with disabilities to use a computer.  For example, a screen header will announce the address, page title, a description of the page layout, and the contents of a website.

Into the future ...
         A main focus in the field of speech synthesis lately is speech recognition.  This is a technology designed to recognize and respond to spoken commands through digitalizaion and algorithm-based programming.  This means that, not only will synthesizers be able to create speech, but they will also be able to understand the speech of those responding. 

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